Customer Comments:

Here are some of the comments from our latest customer survey, when asked about the high car rental company rates on reducing the excess:

“Great to see a product that’s been overseas come here. I think the excesses rental car companies charge are ridiculous and are just part of getting you to pay them more for the hire”
Suzanne N.

“Your policy provided me with the security of knowing I was covered if needed and will use it again. “
Bruce C.

Robert F.

“I never pay the high excess with the car rental companies. I have always purchased excess insurance as travel insurance with RACQ, until I got your information. “
Glenda L.

“They are ay too high. Your insurance is much better value. “
Donna L

“I usually have annual multi trip T.I. so this is the 1st time in several years that I looked for car hire only insurance. I am glad that I found your company,particularly as you are offering tyre and windscreen cover too. excess cover charges by car rental companies are exorbitant! “
David G.

“Your policy provides a good cost saving “
Keith M.

“The cost of the excess often determines which company I choose. “
Jim G.

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